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Welcome to the RiceStrawMarket.org, your gateway to an interactive market place for buyers and sellers of California rice straw and rice straw products. This site should serve as a valuable marketing tool for a variety of people in the rice straw business. If you are involved in any of the following service areas in the rice straw business, you should consider using this site.

  • Supplier
  • End-user
  • Straw Product Manufacturer
  • Exporter
  • Custom Baler
  • Transporter
  • Consultant
The objective of the site is to enhance opportunities for buyers and sellers of California rice straw to exchange products and services.

The California Rice Commission hopes you find this site to be useful for your needs. Any comments or suggestions on how to improve this site may be directed to info@ricestrawmarket.org.

General Site Operation
Rice Straw Business Advertisers

The website is designed to allow advertisers to post information about their rice straw-related business activities. Advertisers do not require a password to post their information and can choose from a list of key words to identify the various aspects of their business. Your potential customers will search by those same key words for the products and services they desire. Information placed on the system will expire unless renewed by each advertiser. Advertisers will receive an email notice of pending expiration with a grace period to renew information. Therefore, a functional email address is required to successfully post information on RiceStrawMarket.org.

Rice Straw Customers and Processors

This site allows customers and processors to conduct searches, using specified key words, to provide a listing of companies that claim to provide the desired services or products.